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Golden Triangle Group Tour India Welcome Elephant

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Golden Triangle Group Tour India Welcome Camel
Tourist Information about India while traveling for Golden Triangle Group Tour India
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India Useful Information

India offers numberless tangs in terming ling in the haze of a country that has lived the past imbued in rich traditions and plethora of culture. It is the land of religions and rituals and people who belong to different ethnicities. The diversity that tourists will experience in India is sufficient enough to boggle them to all extremes.

Foreign tourists and discovers visit India in huge numbers every year. They are fond of the rich integral diversity of India. They have gathered plenty of information on India. Their inquisitiveness to visit India grows every second and this is what brings them here! India is the place where any tourist from anywhere in the world will fall in love with it. The conundrums and sightings that they come across make them awestruck. India is a place of bounties and beauties. It is the place of exceptional talent and people.

Here are some useful and interesting facts about India that will excite you:

India Flag   India is the functional and largest democracy in the world. India is the place which has largest number of post offices. No other country in the world has this huge network of post offices in the world.    
Indian Women   In several parts of India you will find that wives never utter their husband’s name aloud, as this is considered the sign disrespect. While addressing the husband, a true Indian wife would make use of different kinds of indirect references, like “Ji” or “Dekhiye” or “Suniye” etc.    
Taj Mahal Agra   India is considered as the birthplace of chess. The novel word used for “chess” comes from Sanskrit word - Chaturanga, meaning “four members of an army”—which comprise elephants, horses, chariots, and foot soldiers.    
Lotus is the National Flag of India.   It is a less known fact that earliest cotton in the world was rolled and woven in India. Roman emperors loved to adorn the delicate cotton from India and called it “woven winds.” Mughal emperors addressed the cotton fabrics as “Morning Dew” and “Cloth of Running Water.”    
Indian Designs.   The word Himalayas—emanates from the Sanskrit word Hima, meaning “Snow,” and Alaya, meaning “abode”—and is situated in the north of India. The Himalayas is a cascade of mountains extending 1,500 miles. It is fairly estimated that Himalayas is gradually growing taller, by almost an inch (2.5 cm) every year. Many of ancient Indian monasteries are found snuggled in the grandeur of these mountains.    
Peacockis the Indian National Bird   The temples of Khajuraho known for their erotic sculptures happen to be popular tourist attractions in India. Scholars are in the debate behind the purpose of these sculptures, which also involve animals.    
Bengal Tiger is the National Animal of India.   The Bengal tiger is national animal of India’s national animal. It was once omnipresent throughout the country, but presently they are on the verge of extinction with numbers counted fewer than 4,000.    
Lamp Chirag   The Indian Railways is world’s largest employer. It has 1.6 million employees as per the last count. The first train to run in India was between Mumbai (earlier known as Bombay) and Thane in 1853.    

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