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Taj Mahal tour at Sunrise with Golden Triangle Group Tour India
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Taj Mahal at Sunrise

Sunrise view of Taj MahalPeople visit Agra for the very reason it is home to the world’s most popular monument – The Taj Mahal. This world renowned monument continues to attract more number of national and initial visitors than any other monument in India. The Taj Mahal is symbol of legendary beauty that holds significance of love and reasserts devotion and dedication. Viewing the beauty of Taj Mahal at sunrise is dream of every visitor and those who are imbued in love. It is said that viewing Taj Mahal at sunrise generates positivity and enhances a beatific appeal. The very element of romanticism is hold to the highest esteem during the sunrise, and your will feel truly heart filled when you catch the glimpse of this temple of love during night.

Morning view of Taj Mahal while Sun Rise.One of the most prominent reasons why you should think of visiting the Taj Mahal at the sunrise is that you will get clear view of it. During the sunrise, there is less rush and a natural tranquility is created by peace. Sunrise is the best time to explore beauty of Taj Mahal and romanticize it in your heart. Many poets have exclusively described the beauty of Taj in their couplets. The pots have described beauty of Taj Mahal during the sunrise as unique and charismatic. There is hardly any monument which radiates such an exemplified beauty or is considered as the token of love and dedication.

Taking glimpse of Taj Mahal at the sunrise is not only about exemplifying the beauty of this fabulous Mughal architecture, but it is also about giving yourself a little thought on the grand history and splendid era that went by. Taj Mahal was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for her beloved wife. The Emperor loved his wife to the extent that he promised to fulfill the wish of his queen by creating a stunning structure.

Taj Mahal Tour in the morning with Golden Triangle Group TourTake the time out to sit for a while during the sunrise and spend some moments in tranquility of Taj during the sunrise and you will feel the very element of peace and moments of swerves. Sunrise is the time when you will feel the freshness in your mind and become creatively imaginative. Expressing your love to your loved one in the backdrop of Taj Mahal and that too during the sunrise is more than anything that one could ever desire in his or her life.

Being in the company of Taj Mahal in the sunrise is like inviting one of the greatest moments of your times and creating subtle difference in your life. As the day passes, the beauty of Taj manifests itself in different ways and for the visitors it is moment of exquisiteness. If you are on the visit to Agra, make sure that you do not miss the moments of watching the Taj Mahal during the sunrise.

Dawn view of Taj Mahal with Golden Triangle Group TourFor more details on the visit to Taj Mahal during the sunrise, you need to confirm with our driver & guide and they will take care and show you the Taj Mahal – the Seventh wonder of the World at sunrise.

Although the Taj is awesome at sunrise, however if you are visiting the Taj Mahal in the month of January or February it will be better to visit the Taj Mahal in the day time as the in winters the weather remains foggy.

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