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Mohabat The Taj - A Saga Of Love with Golden Triangle Group Tour India
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Mohabat The Taj - A Saga Of Love

Mohabbat the Taj, Expression of Love Live Show at KalakritiAgra is a culturally rich and traditionally magnificent city. It is the city where you will find excitement, art and all the more Love. The great historical building – Taj Mahal, has time and again remembered by people of all worlds. This Mughal structure not only exemplifies beauty, but it also showcases the reflection of Love. Agra, one of the foremost capitals of Mughal India, holds in its womb rich historical background. One could find the earliest references on Agra right into the epic times, where in Mahabharata, Agra was referred as Agravana. There are also sources dating back to the times before the Mahabharata, where Agra was named as Arya Griha or the dwelling of the Aryans. Moving towards the times before, the well-known second century A.D. geographer named Ptolemy, called Agra by its modern name.

Mohabbat the taj live show, expression of love daily live showIn the modern times there are several cultural programs that are held on yearly basis in Agra and various other centers across India. It is the time to become one with the “Expression of Love”.

The Sanskritik Natyashala came up with ‘Mohabbat-the-Taj’ – a chain of play portraying and exemplifying the Love Saga. ‘Mohabbat-the-Taj’ is where the audience will get to see the true and immortal love of Emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved and beautiful wife Mumtaj Mahal. Besides, “Mohabbat-the-Taj”also shows the luxurious lifestyle of Mughal era; immaculate hardship of the artisans for 22 years, which eventually created the valuable and elite specimen of craftsmanship.

Mohabbat the taj show agra -  a series of play depicting the saga of love.Mohabbat-the-Taj” at “Kalakriti” is remarkably appealing and indeed a great thronging place for local and international tourists. Effort is put into place to balance the cultural and historical legacy of India, and indeed worth watching. “Mohabbat-the-Taj” at “Kalakriti” is where the tourists will experience the aura of Indian heritage in the backdrop of kaleidoscopic effect.

Kalakriti is an amazing fantasy stage and holds in its garb the world’s huge replica of Taj Mahal designed from Makarana marble. Spectacular live shows are put across by the artists clearly depicting Mughal period and legacy of Taj. The huge Taj Mahal Replica is constructed in supervision of noted artist – Hafiz Ahmed.

While staying in Agra, you cannot afford to miss “Mohabbat The Taj Show” which is a musical extravaganza depicting the saga of one its kind love storyThe replica of Taj Mahal is constructed on 12x12feet platform. The fascinating structure stands 10 feet high, built of pure white Makrana marble and dotted with an assortment of semi-precious stones. The cumulative weight of Taj Mahal replica is 10,000 Pounds. The most exciting part here is that Taj Mahal replica elevates in 150 seconds to the minimum visible levels. There are 2 hydraulic lifts embedded in the fantasy stage. One of these lifts is used to carry the artists, whereas the anther one is used for elevating the Taj Mahal.

Kalakriti reflects the hard work and dedication. The Taj Mahal replica looks real and exquisite. It just makes everything exciting. A day spent at Kalakriti will give the feeling of being caught in the sobriety of love and affection. The live show at Kalakriti is what offers you a truly enriching experience to the tourists and everyone.

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