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Lotus Temple of the Baha’i faith

Located at Kalikaji, New Delhi, the Lotus Temple is considered to be one of the greatest architectural specimens of the 20th centuryLotus Temple, situated in Kalka Ji, New Delhi is a fascinating structure representing the true Bahai faith. The temple is given the shape of lotus flower, and holds no reverence to any particular god or goddess. The temple is constructed from marble, dolomite, cement and sand mixed in different compositions. Lotus temple can be visited any day by people from all religions and faith. There is absolutely no restriction on the religion or sect visiting the lotus temple. The very environs of temple present wisdom, peace and meditation and bring people from all religions and faiths close together. The Lotus of Bahai temple was completed in the year 1986 and ever since, has achieved recognition worldwide for the very splendid architecture and uniqueness in design. There is absolutely no reason to say that the temple is not only popular in India but across the globe, and is visited by people of all nations and boundaries. The very architecture of Lotus temple was built by Canadian Persian architect named Fariborz Sahba.

Lotus Temple Delhi is Notable for its flowerlike shapeLotus flower symbolizes peace, love, divinity and continuance. The edifice is constructed in shape of lotus flower to show the representation of diminutive form of god. The lotus shape shows importance of Indian culture and religion. The very design of Lotus Temple is stimulated by lotus flower. The flower design shows half opened Lotus flower that has 27 freestanding marble petals. The eternal beauty of flower can be clearly depicted through the structure. The construction of this impressive temple took around 10 years, before it was opened to the public. Lotus temple structure was built by team comprising 800 engineers, workers, technicians and the artisans, who did the hard work and brought the most sophisticated architecture into life. The lotus temple qualifies strong aesthetic values as well as high levels of technological innovations in complete structure.

Lotus Template is Bahá'í House of WorshipThe lotus temple is surrounded by 9 reflecting pools. The surrounding pool explicitly puts forth the ambience that lotus is floating in water. The unique geometry of temple call for dedicated engineering and it was this aspect that eventually served as the great purpose and means. Lotus temple is spacious and it can easily hold the gathering of about 2,500 people. The temple can hold around 9 doors directly to the center of hall. The addition of white marble to structure brings phenomenal and spell bound glorification.

Inside View of Lotus Temple Delhi India.It would not be a too much of exaggeration to put that Lotus temple is a true blend of architectural master piece and traditional credos. It is the temple which holds spell bound aura and has got immense reverence. The very structure and architecture of temple is sophisticated and unique. Lotus temple is worth visiting for several reasons. The monument ignites contemplative mind. It is an ideal place to meditate and get mental piece and attain the realization of life. Undoubtedly the temple dishes out meaning of tranquility, peace and wisdom put together at one place. It is the place, where you will definitely enjoy spending your day away from the mundane life style.

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